"the BUZZ" got together for the first time in January, 2003. They instantly bonded over "the BUZZ" of the harmony created by their voices, and "the BUZZ" they got from just being together! They won Region 9's Quartet Contest in April of 2004, and six months later won the International Quartet Contest, being crowned the 2005 International Queens of Harmony. "the BUZZ" that was generated from these exciting events is still reverberating in the Barbershop world today. Traveling across the U.S. and six other countries, these four ladies have entertained thousands of audience members and been guest educators in over half of the existing Sweet Adeline regions. Nancy, Debbie, Karen and Jeannie plan to continue BUZZing together for as long as possible, and give thanks to God for every opportunity to sing, every song on their CDs and every ringing chord that makes up "the BUZZ". 

The BUZZ is

Nancy Cloeter, Tenor
Debbie Cleveland, Lead
Karen Breidert, Bari
Jeannie Froelich, Bass


2005 International Queens of Harmony