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An award-winning women's quartet who sing beautiful four-part harmony in the barbershop style, with a little Attitude! Attitude is Chelsea Young, Tenor Cheryl Phillips Anderson, Lead Danielle...
Bling! Quartet is the 2015 Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartet! This a cappella journey began in the summer of 2009 with four friends that love to ring those barbershop chords. Though...
This group is for hire
Here N Now is:  Ellen Brown, Tenor; Deb Wlaznik, Lead; Linda Fairleigh, Baritone; and Barb Quinn, Bass.  They are the current Region 9 Fourth Place medalists. Here N Now is available for hire...
This group is for hire
Tenor: Marti Pierce, Lead: Jeannie Summers, Bari: Vivian Moran, Bass: Janet Kuhns
Chelsea Young - tenor, Donna Hill - lead, Denise de la Cal - bari, Betty Meinholz - bass Contact: Donna Hill  Achievement 2012 Region 9 Quartet Champion
This group is for hire
Tamiami Sound is Jannis Williams - lead Judy Hoewischer - tenor Barb Almli - bari Claire Kelly - bass  
"the BUZZ" got together for the first time in January, 2003. They instantly bonded over "the BUZZ" of the harmony created by their voices, and "the BUZZ" they got from just being together! They won...
This group is for hire
Treble in Paradise consists of: Rhonda Payton - tenor; Donna Hill - lead; Irene Zimmer - bass; and Jean Ohtola - baritone.  

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July 19, 2017 - 7:21pm
The summer has brought new opportunities for growth; one of them is our new rehearsal location.  Please come... more