About Spirit of the Gulf

Spirit of the Gulf is a loving sisterhood with utmost respect and acceptance for all. We are a diverse group. Whether it be differences in age, race, religion, economic background, educational background, or anything else – we come together to make music and joyfully practice inclusion and tolerance. Our corporate experience is to celebrate and love all of our sisters. Spirit is a place where racism and hate, judgment and prejudice will not be tolerated. It’s about harmony – and it’s what we do best, showing the rest of the world what loving one another looks like and feels like.

Spirit of the Gulf is a membership organization of female singers who meets regularly to practice, perform, socialize, and have fun. We currently have 80+ singers of all ages, all walks of life, and all parts of Florida.

DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Spirit of the Gulf is a sisterhood that promotes love, respect, and acceptance for all. We value diversity, which includes differences in age, race, religion, economic background, educational background, and more. Our group comes together to make music and practice inclusion and tolerance joyfully. We celebrate and love all our sisters, and Spirit is a place where we do not tolerate racism, hate, judgment, or prejudice. Our focus is on harmony, and we take pride in showing the world what it means to love and support one another.


In addition to sharing our music with others, we also have a great passion for delving deeper into the intricacies of acapella singing. Vocal training is an integral part of our chorus rehearsals, and it is a crucial aspect of our overall choral experience. Throughout the year, our members receive guidance from a visiting master in the art of barbershop, who shares with us various techniques and tricks of the trade that we incorporate into our performances.

Spirit of the Gulf is also proud to offer outreach free of charge to Lee and Collier County middle and high schools interested in introducing their music students to the barbershop craft. Let our "Mix 'N Match" group of singers come to your classroom! For more information, contact  Jan Meyer at [email protected]


Most choruses have a number of members who form their own vocal quartets in addition to singing with the chorus. Spirit of the Gulf currently is home to a number of wonderful quartets and we are very proud of them! Click here to see our quartet section to learn more about them.


Spirit of the Gulf is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International; a non-profit organization of approximately 20,000 members in choruses and quartets worldwide. The headquarters is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hire Us!

We love performing for any occasion!

The chorus is available for your concert series or event.
For chorus performance information please call 844-704-7464 (SING) or check out our Hire Us section.

One of our fine a cappella quartets may also be a great choice for community performances in smaller venues.
Click here to see our quartets and their contact information.