Our Quartets

Nancy Cloeter (Tenor) Alicia Carter (Lead)  Dawn Adams (Baritone) Kim Elger-Griffin (Bass) Kim is also an Assistant Director and singer with Spirit of the Gulf chorus.  All Fired Up will be competing...
Bling! Quartet is the 2015 Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartet! This a cappella journey began in the summer of 2009 with four friends that love to ring those barbershop chords. Though...
2019 International Champions
Tenor: Michaela Johnston, Lead: Heather Havens, Baritone: Mary Duncan, Bass: Hailey Parks ClassRing quartet consists of four young women who came together in the Spring of 2014 to compete in the...
Cleveland, Ohio
Contact Email:  [email protected] Tenor: JoAnn Wilson, Greater Cleveland chorus Lead: Ruth Bates, Spirit and Sound of Sunshine choruses Baritone: Jill Spriestersbach,  Chapter-At-Large Region...
Congratulations to Duly Noted, the 1st Place medalists in Region 9, and 7th Place medalist at the SAI International Conference in Phoenix, AZ in September, 2022! Duly Noted started in 2019 as a young...
Dynasty quartet brings a heritage of harmony to the stage with a mom and daughter on lead and bass, and a baritone and tenor who both came from parents and grandparents who were barbershop singers.  ...
Tenor: Lisa Smith, Lead: Sally Fox, Bari: Vivian Moran, Bass: Jan Nordquist
Tenor: Gloria Eggert, Lead: Sue Talbott, Bari: Jean Ohtola, Bass: Quay Houchen
Potluck Quartet is Lynn Guadamuz (Tenor), Ginger Ruoff (Lead), Barb Parga (Bari) and Christy Kelly (Bass)
Tenor: LeAnn Kleinhesselink Lead: Pam Redford Baritone: Sheryl Neal Bass: Jane Tham Remedy is located in Sweet Adelines Region 5 in Central Iowa. Sheryl Neal, their baritone, also sings with Spirit...
Tenor - Tracy Ferdman Lead - Susie Courtice Baritone - Cindy Doerschuck Bass - Cindy LeMasters
Baker Gina Tenor Toast of Tampa Show Chapter Jacques Joanie Bass Spirit of the Gulf Chapter Kastler Deanna Baritone Spirit of the Gulf Chapter Love-Callahan Angie Lead Spirit of the Gulf Chapter
Maria Maxwell, Lead (Spirit of the Gulf) Alex Riehl, Bass (Sisters of Sound) Kelley Flinn, Baritone (Sound of Sunshine) Melissa Maris, Tenor (Sound of Sunshine)
Ta-Da! is located in Southeast Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties). They are: Tenor - Diane St. Amand-Scott; Lead: Lisa Smith; Bari: Vivian Moran; Bass: Sylvia Codina
This group is for hire
Tamiami Sound is Jannis Williams - lead Judy Hoewischer - tenor Barb Almli - bari Sue Craig - bass  
"the BUZZ" got together for the first time in January, 2003. They instantly bonded over "the BUZZ" of the harmony created by their voices, and "the BUZZ" they got from just being together! They won...

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